About Us


Our Mission


Our mission is to become the leading one-stop Business Solutions Provider of Business Management Products and Services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with affordable and effective software/hardware solutions and thus growing with our customers and partners.


We believe in "Accelerate your business" through high value proposition at very competitive pricing.




Presoft IT Solutions was founded in year 2004. We have been accredited by MIM System Sdn Bhd to become the Genuine Authorize Distributor of E.M.A.S. Business Management Solutions Application, the business management solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


Over *45,000 customers and *65,000 modules of E.M.A.S. Systems have been installed throughout Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia underline E.M.A.S. Systems experience in business applications implementation. Having worked with hundreds of accountants, system integrators and IT consultants, E.M.A.S. Systems have a proven track record recognized by its peers in implementing business applications of varying complexity for customers of various sizes.


Customers who began as small businesses have grown into Medium Sized businesses and these businesses continue to use EMAS Accounting and Inventory systems. The ability and commitment of E.M.A.S. Systems to support our customers, as their specific needs change through time, sets E.M.A.S. System apart from its peers.


Besides of being accredited as the Genuine Authorize Distributor of E.M.A.S. Business Management Solutions, Presoft IT Solutions is also aggressively expanding our Value Added Services to our customer to provide the One-Stop Business Solutions services to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


Throughout the years, Presoft IT Solutions has successfully proven ours ability to meet the demands of the growing businesses and at the same time investing continuously in expanding the value added services to our customers.


Today, Presoft IT Solutions has shown our great significance across Malaysia, with stable establishments core expertise lies in our experience serving thousands of customers over many years as well as our knowledge in the latest technology and market trends.